About Us

The Becker Primary School serves students in kindergarten, first, and second grade. We strive to provide a safe and respectful environment that promotes independent learners. We have a school wide Positive Behavior program that guides students to be kind, safe, ready and caring. Together, we promote positive behavior by recognizing students who are being their “Bulldog Best”. On Wednesday mornings, we have a “Bulldog Pack” meeting as a learning community to reinforce positive behavior, as well as talk about character education to help students to be respectful and caring to others.

In order to help students reach their potential, we have WIN (What I Need) time for 45 minutes each day. This provides each child time in their day to work on specific skills to help them continue to grow as learners. During this time, students who need additional time learning foundational skills will work with an interventionist. All students work on the skills they need to be a successful learner.

Parents are an integral part of their child’s education. We welcome the support and participation of parents. By spending time at home with your child, talking about the many things that happened throughout the day, parents play an active participant in a child’s education. Reading to your child daily supports language and vocabulary development. We also have many parents able to take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer in their child’s classroom or helping in various parts of the school to enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

Communication between staff and families is very important to us. We have two Assessment Days in the fall for parents, students, and teachers. This time together has allowed our teachers to connect with each child on an individual basis. It also provides the time for us to gather assessment data needed to address the individual learning needs of each student. We strongly believe this time helps staff, students, and families to start the year off positively. We also have parent teacher conferences at the end of the first and second trimester. This is a great opportunity for parents to collaborate with their child’s teacher to help each student to reach their potential. At Becker Primary we are fortunate to have parents who are willing and able to invest in their child’s education, as each year we have 99% of the families attend conferences.

We are also excited to have our Early Childhood Program within our school. This is a positive opportunity for parents and children to become comfortable with our school early on. Over 80% of students entering Kindergarten have attended School Readiness in our building. This makes the physical transition to school easier. Early Childhood also gives students a firm foundation for the rest of their schooling. These students come to Kindergarten confident and ready to learn.

At Becker Primary School, we believe education is a team effort. Students, parents, and our staff are all on the same team. Our focus is to help students be successful lifelong learners. Our school is the first step in a child’s education. The team needs to be fully committed to a strong foundation to be successful in the future. Together, we can do this!

If you have any questions about Becker Primary School, please contact our office at 763- 261-6330. We want each of our students to have a positive experience and to reach their potential.


Dale Christensen