Buildings and Grounds

Becker Public Schools Buildings and Grounds

Our mission is to provide superior service to our students, staff and community. We strive to keep clean, well-maintained facilities and a well-groomed campus while providing a safe, comfortable environment that allows for optimal performance and educational excellence.

High School

Lead Custodian: Lisa Shemon

Middle School

Lead Custodian: Debra Lannoye

Union Steward

Primary School

Lead Custodian: Abby Lindberg

Intermediate School

Lead Custodian: Gary Gaebel

Becker Campus Grounds

Lead: Dave Braun

Deliveries and Grounds

Shannon Fossan

Custodial Staff

Stephanie Backlund, Night Lead HS

Doug Wilke, Custodian

Dave Luethmers, Custodian

Teresa Pittman, Custodian

Clay Straw, Custodian

Jody Hennagir, Night Lead

Micheal Gaebel, Custodian

Jackie Kolbinger, Night Lead

Dennis Freih, Custodian

Connie Lindbom, Custodian

Jennifer Hansen, Custodian

Director of Buildings and Grounds

Rick Kraus