District Vision

Mission Statement

Preparing self-directed learners to thrive in a changing global community.

Belief Statements

  • Community Members should understand the changing landscape of education to engage with, participate in, and support the educational system.

  • Staff Members should be adaptable to learn new information and skills, which facilitate learning so students are prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.

  • Students should become self-directed learners, self-disciplined, and autonomous workers, while being creative thinkers with a drive for innovation.

  • Parents should collaborate and understand the new realities of today’s learning environment to model and teach self directed behavior and life-long learning in an environment that fosters these expectations.

Supporting Statements

  • Community Members will obtain factual information to become informed about the changing needs and dissolving boundaries of traditional schooling, be asked to financially support the school district, and become more involved through volunteerism in a variety of ways.

  • Staff will provide more digital learning opportunities and less traditional classroom instruction.

  • Students will have an education more focused on problem-solving skills rather than knowledge-based skills, more options and control with their own education, be more immersed in technology, and have increased collaboration with their peers.

  • Parents will need to accept and support the realities of the changing learning environment, instill core values, prepare children for change, and be motivated to pursue their own growth and education.