Online Course Options

Becker High School offers flexible learning options for students who are looking for an alternative pathway to the traditional high school setting.  Becker High School partners with Northern Star Online School to offer supplemental course options to students.  Families can also look into other online programs accredited by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Online learning is a great way to take classes that your high school may not offer and online courses offer flexible scheduling options.  Students must be an independent and responsible learner and be able to problem solve.  Students must also be highly motivated and able to stay on pace with their online course.

Students who are interested in online learning should consider these questions when determining if they are ready to take online classes:

In order to enroll in any online courses, the student should discuss their options with their school counselor.  Students must follow the online course guidelines to be eligible to take online courses.

The Becker Online Course Parent and Student Agreement form AND a course syllabus for each course the student would like to be approved to take must be returned with signatures by the deadlines below.

After discussing the online options with the sudent's counselor, the counselor will provide an online learning agreement with information on how to register for online courses.