About the District

Becker Public Schools (Independent School District No. 726) is located in the city of Becker, Minnesota, about 45 minutes away from the Twin Cities. The community offers the charm of a rural lifestyle with the convenient services of city living.

The Becker School District is proud of a long tradition of excellence. The staff is made up of a nice blend of teachers with varying degrees of experience and educational backgrounds. The support staff is dedicated and has maintained an admirable record of longevity with the district. Our students come from supportive families that value education and who have formed a healthy partnership with the teachers of their children. The community is well represented by a school board that emphasizes student achievement in an environment of academic rigor. They have maintained reasonable class sizes and provided excellent facilities.

As successful as our district has been over the past 100 years, we continue to seek to improve our curriculum and educational delivery system. We know that we must provide our children with the skills to compete in a global economy. That thought and the desire to maintain our place among the best schools in the state drives our continuous improvement model. Students enrolled in the Becker School System will be challenged to be the best they can be and will be prepared for the challenges ahead of them.