Transportation Services

Bus Safety Rules

  1. All rules of conduct that apply on school property also apply on the school bus

  2. Students should be at the bus stop and waiting on the side of the road by the time the bus arrives

  3. Students are required to ride the bus assigned to them and to board / disembark at their assigned bus stop

  4. Students will follow bus driver’s instructions

  5. Students are to remain seated and keep aisle clear at all times

  6. Students are to keep their hands, feet, and personal articles to themselves

  7. Students are expected to keep all parts of their bodies and / or other objects inside the bus at all times

  8. Students are expected to maintain a reasonable noise level, use appropriate / respectful language and treat one another with respect

  9. Students are expected not to eat, keep the floor and seats clean from refuse and gum

  10. Misuse of any electronic devices on the bus will be referred to the school administration

Tom Risley

Dean Moeller

Kim Spoden