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We are excited that you have chosen BMS and we are glad you’ve joined the Bulldog family. I am honored to serve as Principal of BMS and to be a part of a culture steeped in rich tradition and academic excellence.  BMS serves approximately 700 students in grades 6 - 8.  We are one of four schools located on our campus in Becker, MN. The focus of the 3 R's: Respect, Responsibility and Relationships are the foundation of our program designed specifically for the needs of early adolescent learners.  At Becker Middle School, a safe learning environment and helping students develop a sense of belonging are of the utmost importance.  

In our secure environment, they can be who they are—young people in a time of transition, but they are readied to face the tough challenges they'll encounter on the path to who they will become by providing guidance as needed during these years.  

The middle school years are critical stepping stones on the path to success in high school and beyond.  College and career readiness are emphasized during the middle years.  Our students are provided a variety of opportunities in both academics and activities.  1:1 iPads are issued for educational use to our middle schoolers.  The technology provides opportunities to enhance student learning.  The use of the 1:1 devices allows students access to anywhere, anytime learning. We are fortunate to have the support within the community in the area of technology, providing 21st century learning skills to our students.  Our middle school program and professional staff aim to support the whole child; cognitively, physically, and emotionally.  Students are encouraged to develop healthy friendships and focus on being their own unique self!  We take pride in our school, staff, students and community.  It's great to be a BULLDOG!

Chantel Boyer

Becker Middle School Principal


1) Always give your best effort

2) Ask questions

3) Be organized 

4) Be proactive

5) Be respectful

6) Be responsible

7) Display positive attitude

8) Pay Attention 

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