About Us

Welcome to the school year! The staff of the Intermediate School invites you to join our team to make this an exceptional year for your child.

The Becker Intermediate School serves students in third, fourth, and fifth grade. We strive to provide a safe and respectful environment that promotes independent learners. We focus on positive student achievement in and out of school. We teach organizational skills and push students to be excited and motivated in their own learning. We know our students learn and retain more when they have fun while learning. At the Intermediate School, we strive to engage our students in the learning process. We also sponsor activities throughout the year that are fun and encourage community building. We have end of the trimester celebrations to recognize outstanding academic and behavioral successes, a staff variety show in the winter and a student talent show in the spring. Each grade level has field trips scheduled throughout the year, and we sponsor student-only Friday Fun Nights. These evenings help defray the costs of field trips and give our students and staff an opportunity to play together for an evening.

We welcome the support and participation of parents. Many volunteer in our classrooms with book clubs, math support, and field trips. We also know that many of our parents are unable to come into the school to volunteer due to schedules. We sincerely appreciate your partnership in supporting the value of education and ensuring our kids come to school prepared with their homework complete. We push our students to strive for a 97% or higher attendance rate. Thank you for your support in getting your kids to school on time each day. It matters!

We work to maintain a Bully Free Zone at school and on the bus. Students, however, do not always let us know when they are being bothered on the bus or the playground. They often report this information to their parents. Please keep the school informed of bullying situations. We will deal with each and every incident.

Communication and positive relationships between staff and families is very important. We have two Assessment Days in the fall for parents, students, and teachers. This time together has allowed our teachers to learn a bit about each child on an individual basis. It also provides the time for us to gather assessment data needed to address the individual learning needs of each student. We strongly believe these days help staff, students, and families start the year off positively.

We are excited to work together to support your child! The staff at the Becker Intermediate School is thrilled for the opportunities this year. Let us know what we can do to help make this a successful year for your child.