Wellness Center

“Ensuring the physical, social and emotional well-being of all students”

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Becker High School is excited to announce the expansion of our award-winning integrated Wellness Center.  We now have two rooms to help meet the varying needs of our students. 

The Wellness Center exists to assist staff and several co-located providers in providing quality programming and therapies to Becker students.  With this model of delivery, we are able to greatly increase access for students, as well as decrease the wait time usually associated with many of these services.

In addition, a variety of educational seminars and presentations, focused on prevention, will be delivered through the Wellness Center.

Becker High School is always interested in providing additional support services to our students.  For more information about the Wellness Center and its resources, please contact Assistant Principal Brian Baloun.

2015-16 MASSP Star of Innovation Silver Award

Current Providers

Sherburne County Truancy Intervention:  The purpose of the Truancy Intervention Project (TIP) is to improve attendance by juveniles at school by working in collaboration with parents, schools and juveniles.  Students with a high absenteeism rate or difficulty in getting to school on time can benefit from this resource. https://www.co.sherburne.mn.us/898/Truancy-Intervention-Project

Recovery Plus Chemical Health Education:  Our Chemical Health Educator (CHE) speaks with children who are experiencing personal or family issues with chemical use.  Students with chemical use issues or general questions regarding chemical use can benefit from this resource.

Individual Counseling:  We have licensed, experienced co-located therapists who can provide mental health support to students dealing with relationships, mental health, mood issues and school problems. Students experiencing a mental health issue can benefit from this resource.

Youth Intervention Project: This service provides skills training in both individual and group settings. Students with needs in social skills, coping skills and anxiety reduction can benefit from this resource.  In addition, the YIP can provide services to youth with a parent/guardian who is an honorably discharged veteran. 

Let’s Do Lunch!:  Becker’s informal mentoring program pairs students with Senior Leaders to make connections, provide support and establish an encouraging support structure for all students.

School-Based Food Shelf:  A partnership between ISD 726 and Backpack Buddies has led to the development of a school based food shelf.  Open to E-12 Becker students and their families, this project is a work in progress but is open for business.

Becker High School would like to acknowledge the following groups for their generosity in helping to make the Wellness Center a reality: