The ACCUPLACER is a placement test that many 2 year state colleges use in Minnesota. The ACCUPLACER is a placement test that will indicate which level of courses a student will begin taking in college.

Students who do not meet the cut off scores set by the college will be required to take remedial courses before entering their college level courses. The remedial courses are classes students must pay for but do not count towards their college degree or diploma. This can turn a 2 year diploma program into a longer program depending on the number of remedial courses a student must take.

The ACCUPLACER is free (the first time a student takes it) but students will need to set up a time at their college to take the ACCUPLACER. The ACCUPLACER can be retaken if a student does not do as well as they would have liked. The number of times it can be retaken, how much a retest costs and how much time a student must wait in between tests is determined by the college.

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