Letters of Recommendation

Many scholarships will require 1-3 letters of recommendation. When submitting letters of recommendation, it is good practice to submit the number requested (for example, if the scholarship does not ask for any letters of recommendation, do not submit any).

When thinking of people to write letters of recommendation for you, it may be a good idea to have 2 people from within the school (teachers, coaches, counselor, principal, advisor) and 1 person from outside the school (employer, volunteer coordinator, etc).

Personally ask the person to write a letter of recommendation for you. Allow the person approximately 2 weeks to write you a letter (do not ask the night before the letter is needed).

Write a short thank you to the people who write you letters.

The Counseling Office has a "Letter of Recommendation" form that can be completed and provided to the person writing a letter for you. This will help the recommender include as much detail as possible.

Here is a google doc that you can make a copy of and fill out online if you prefer:

Letter of Recommendation Form