Scheduling Classes for PSEO

1. Students are responsible for registering at the post secondary institution. Students enrolling in PSEO for the first time are required to attend an orientation where you will receive assistance in registering.

*After the 1st semester of taking PSEO courses, students will register for PSEO classes on their own.

2. Part-time students must make sure their high school schedule and PSEO schedule times do not overlap.

3. Due to earlier start dates for the colleges, there may be an overlap of time between PSEO classes beginning and high school trimester courses ending. In these cases, students must meet with their individual teachers to make a plan for the completion of their high school classes. Students are required to attend their high school classes as much as possible during this period of overlap.

4. Each semester, PSEO students must take the equivalent of 4 high school credits at the post secondary level or in combination with high school credits. Credits are equated as follows:

1 college credit= .25 high school credit

2 college credits= .5 high school credit

3 & 4 college credits= 1 high school credit

Students should work closely with their counselor on his/her schedule to confirm that they are meeting all requirements.

5. Students should consider transportation time when planning their schedules. Students are responsible for their own transportation and the cost of parking permits.

6. Full time PSEO students are not issued a school iPad. Students must have at least one high school class per semester to receive an iPad.

7. Withdrawing from the PSEO program before the term has ended can have negative impact on your grades and graduation requirements. If you plan to withdraw before the term has ended, you must file forms with the post secondary institution and meet with your high school counselor to develop a new schedule. Failure to file the necessary forms may result in a failing grade.

8. PSEO students are still considered Becker High School students and are able to participate in high school activities.