1. The emotional maturity and level of responsibility of the student are major considerations for success. Think about the academic classes, extracurricular and social activities and the friendships your school offers in addition to your personal goals. Since students have the option of taking just one college course up to the equivalent of a full-time high school course load, it is wise to reflect on what he/she will gain or lose by participating.

2. The student will receive little to no supervision from the high school. Students need to pay attention to deadlines and are responsible for all information included in mailings and sessions at the college they are attending.

3. All paperwork must be completed for each PSEO institution attending. Each semester the State/NOSR form is required to be completed and students should complete #1 and return it to the counseling office at least a week prior to the deadline. The deadline for St. Cloud State and St. Cloud Technical and Community College is:

Fall Semester June 1st

Spring Semester November 1st

4. PSEO students will be treated as any other college student at the post secondary institution attending. He/she will be responsible for time management, studying more outside of class and with fewer instructions on how and what to study. Students will be expected to meet deadlines without being reminded and will have to take initiative to seek help when needed.

5. PSEO students should regularly check in with the counseling office and the high school office to stay informed about things such as graduation, testing, scholarships and any other important news for Juniors and Seniors. PSEO students should regularly check their high school email account as this is an easy way to communicate with students.