Credits and GPA

1. Any 3 or 4 credit college course is equivalent to 1.0 high school credit. Full time PSEO students must take a minimum of four 3 and/or 4 credit classes.

2 credit college class = .5 high school credit

1 credit college class = .25 high school credit

2. All grades earned in PSEO courses will be calculated into a student's cumulative GPA and class rank. All grades earned will be entered on the student's high school transcript.

3. An incomplete grade in a PSEO course will be recorded as an "F" on your high school transcript.

4. All grades earned in PSEO classes will be a part of the student's permanent college record. Withdrawing or dropping a course has a negative impact on your college record.

5. There is no guarantee that a college other than the one you are attending as a PSEO student will accept the work completed as credit towards further post secondary education.