Grade 12

Grade 12


  • Sign up for an ACT (if needed or if looking to retake to improve score for admittance or scholarships).
  • Sign up for your Senior Meeting with your Counselor. College applications, scholarships, financial aid and graduation requirements will be discussed.
  • Check priority deadlines for colleges/schools (early decision, early action, etc.) and double check the admission requirements.
  • Plan any last visits to colleges.
  • Check out each month's Counselor Notes for information throughout the year.
  • Line up teacher recommendations (typically for scholarships).
  • Start working on college applications!


  • Start submitting college applications. Many Minnesota schools will waive the application fee sometime during October. Check with the Counseling Office for specifics. Make it a goal to have 2-3 applications completed and submitted by Thanksgiving.
  • Request your high school transcript be sent through Parchment.
  • Start preparing to complete the FAFSA. Check out to know what information you need to submit the FAFSA.
  • Attend a Financial Aid Night (College Goal Event). Check the Senior Newsletter or with the Counseling Office as to when they are available.


  • Submit your last college applications (try to have them all completed by Winter Break).
  • Check out available scholarships and begin applying.


  • Complete FAFSA if not done so yet.


  • If you have not applied to a college yet, do so now! It may not be too late! Many colleges will continue to accept students if there is space available.
  • Keep track of notices from colleges/schools on housing, financial aid, student aid report, etc. Reply promptly and meed deadlines.


  • Notify colleges/schools to which you applied but do not plan to attend.
  • Request that your final transcript be sent to the college you will be attending.
  • Request that any college transcripts (for any PSEO or PS/concurrent enrollment courses you have taken) be sent to the college you will be attending.