Becker Public Schools

12000 Hancock Street, Becker, MN  55308

Phone: 763.261.6300     Fax: 763.261.4559

Developing  self-directed learners to thrive in a changing global community.

Congratulations to this year's Teachers of the Year!

Primary School: Joan Jacobson 

Intermediate School: Carla Johnson 

Middle School: Jason Baune 

High School: Miriah Giles

Leadership in Educational Excellence Support      Staff of the Year

L to R:  Lorie Puckett, Heather Gervasi, Erlinda Johnson, Kim Spoden, Kirsten Doucette

Not pictured:  Jody Hennagir

Becker Public Schools

12000 Hancock St.

Becker, MN  55308

District Office

P: 763.261.4502

F: 763.261.4559

High School

P: 763.261.4501

F: 763.261.4122

Middle School

P: 763.261.6333

F: 763.261.6306

Intermediate School

P: 763.261.4504

F: 763.261.5799

Primary School

P: 763.261.6330

F: 763.261.6340

Early Childhood

P: 763.261.4050

F: 763.261.6340

Transportation Dept

P: 763.261.4588

F: 763.261.4558