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The ACT is the common standardized assessment used by many 4-year colleges.  Most colleges in the mid-West and many along the coasts will accept the ACT.  The ACT is a standardized test comprised of 4 multiple choice sections:  English, Math, Reading and Science and an additional 30 minute Writing test.

The ACT predicts the success of students in their first year in college in English, Math, Social Sciences (Reading) and Science courses.  Meeting the benchmarks in each area indicates that the probability of a student earning a C or better in each of those core areas in 75% in their first year in college.

The benchmarks are:

English   18
Math       22
Reading  22
Science   23

The minimum composite score 4 year colleges look for is a 21 (which is the average of the 4 benchmarks) but many schools look for a higher composite score and others will accept students who score under a 21.

For more information or to register for a test, go to:

When registering, be sure to enter Becker High School's code (240-190) to ensure Becker receives the    students test scores.

Practices tests and ACT online prep can be found at: