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Web Searches

When searching for scholarships on websites, keep in mind the following search tips:

1.  Never pay for a scholarship or scholarship search.  Applying for a scholarship or searching for a scholarship should always be free.

2.  Be wary of a "Guarantee" or "Exclusive" scholarships.  These offers or programs are typically scams.  There is no guarantee when it comes to scholarship money.

3.  Guard your personal information.  If the scholarship application starts asking for bank account information or social security information, be wary.  You should be careful of providing anything beyond what the FAFSA application would ask for.

4.  If you receive information that you've been awarded a scholarship you never applied for, be wary.  It could possibly be real but verify the source before providing any personal information.  It could be a trap to acquire personal information.

5.  Be wary of "free" seminars on how to get scholarship money.  Some may be real but many try to upsell (you must pay to get more information).

Scholarship Searches on the Web
There are many great free resources on the web to find potential scholarships.  Feel free to check these out: