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Scholarship Essays

Scholarship Essay Tips
1.  Follow the instructions when provided.
If there is a certain length, adhere to it.
If there is a specific topic, write about the topic.

    **Not following the specific instructions may eliminate you from consideration for the scholarship.

2.  Organize your thoughts before beginning to write the essay.  Think about how you want the essay to flow.  Create and outline.

3.  Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.
Scholarship reviewers want to read a grammatically correct paper.  Check for grammar.
Spelling errors should be corrected.  Use spell check.
Proofread your essay and have several other people proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

4.  Be memorable!  This is a time to write about your accomplishments (if that should be included in the essay).  You want to stand out over other applicant's essays while being humble.
If you can pick the topic, write about something that is personal and unique to you.

5.  Know your audience.  When you are writing your essay, think about who will be reading it.  Appeal to them as humans, too, not just faceless people.