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PSEO (Postsecondary Enrollment Options is a program that allows high school students to earn college credit while still in high school.  PSEO is open to qualifying high school Juniors and Seniors at participating colleges and universities.  To be eligible to take PSEO courses, Juniors must be ranked in the top 1/3 of their graduating class and Seniors must be ranked in the top 1/2 of their graduating class.

Students are required to inform their counselor of their intent to enroll in PSEO for the following year by May 30th of the year prior to taking PSEO classes.

Fall Semester Enrollment (New to PSEO)
1.  Any interested Sophomore or Junior (Junior or Senior for the following year) must sign up in the Counseling Office through early February.  A mandatory parent meeting will be held in Winter/Spring with SCSU and SCTCC to go through the process of applying and pertinent information.
Rank will be checked prior to the parent meeting in February.  If a student does not qualify, the student is not eligible to take PSEO courses.

2.  Forms must be received in the Counseling Office at least 1 week prior to the college deadline to allow time for the counselors to complete their part of the form and send them to the college.
3 forms must be completed- Parent Consent Form, College Application (you do not have to pay the application fee), State or NOSR form (3 parts to this form, student must complete #1)

3.  Student must meet with his/her counselor to complete the PSEO Graduation Plan.

4.  Student must complete orientation at college and register for courses.  Upon registration, student should submit a copy of his/her courses to the counseling office.

Returning PSEO Students
1.  Each semester you continue taking PSEO courses, you must submit a new State/NOSR form.

2.  After registering for PSEO courses, submit a copy of your courses to the counseling office.

All forms, paperwork and any testing (ACCUPLACER for SCTCC) must be completed prior to the deadline (for all new and returning PSEO students).
  • Fall Semester         June 1st
  • Spring Semester    November 1st