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Academics/Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements 
Class of 2016 & 2017                                                                 Class of 2018 & Beyond
30 credits including:                                                                    29.5 credits including:

    4 English                                                                                4 English
    4 Social Studies                                                                     4 Social Studies
    3 Science                                                                               3 Science
    3 Math                                                                                    3 Math
    1 Physical Education                                                             1 Physical Education
    .5 Health                                                                                .5 Health
    1 Fine Arts                                                                             1 Fine Arts
    .5 Digital Citizenship                                                             .5 Digital Citizenship

Students are also required to participate in Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments in Math (Grade 11), Reading (Grade 10) and Science (Grade 10).  Students will also participate in College and Career Readiness Assessments in Grade 10 and Grade 11.

Schedule and Credits 
Becker High School operates on a block schedule of four 90 minute periods. Credits are earned at the end of each quarter or semester. A quarter block class is equal to a .5 credit (or a 1/2 a year of a course). The maximum credits that can be earned per year are eight. 

Grading Scale 
Becker High School follows a 4.0 unweighted grading scale.
A+ =4.000B+ =3.334C+ =2.334D+ =1.334
A =4.000B =3.000C =2.000D =1.000
A- =3.667B- =2.667C- =1.667D- =.667

Special Programs 
We offer college classes in Writing, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology and Government. Students can also take the AP Calculus AB exam after completing Calculus II, AP Calculus BC exam after completing Calculus III and the AP Statistics exam after completing AP Statistics. We also offer Honors English 9 & 10. 

ACL - Accelerated        ALT - Alternative         ALC - Area Learning Center
PS - Post Secondary    SK - Skinny                 SS - Summer School
HON - Honors               TA - Teacher's Aide    VOC - Vocational