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Study Skills

It's very important to have/learn good study habits and skills.  Successful students have good study habits.  These are examples of good study habits:

1.  Try not to do too much studying at one time.
    *Studying will not be effective if you try to cram it all in at once or in one sitting.  Space your homework out     over shorter periods of time.  Take short breaks at regular intervals.
    *For example- study for 30 minute, then take a 10-15 minute break and then study for another 30                 minutes.

2.  Plan specific times for studying.
    *Set up a plan and stick to it.  Schedule study times throughout the week.

3.  Try to study at the same time each day.
    *This establishes a routine that becomes a regular part of your time.  It helps you be mentally prepared            when you know it is part of your routine.

4.  Set specific goals for your study time.
    *Setting a goal will help you stay focused and monitor your progress.  Be very clear about what you want to     accomplish during your study time.
    *For example- in your first 30 minutes of studying, you set your goal to get done with your Math problems.

5.  Start studying when planned.
    *Don't procrastinate!  It makes it more difficult to get started and complete all your homework.

6.  Work on the most difficult assignment first.
    *Your most difficult assignment will require the most effort.  You will have the most mental energy when         you begin your homework.

7.  Review notes before beginning an assignment.
    *Reviewing your notes can help make sure you are doing an assignment correctly.  You notes may also             include information to help you complete the assignment.

8.  Turn off your phone during your study times.
    *Tell your friends not to call/text during your study time.  This will keep you from getting distracted.

9.  Call a friend or classmate when you have difficulty with an assignment.
    *Maybe you just need clarification about the assignment or maybe you have 2 math problems that you             didn't understand.  Ask a friend.  They may be able to help you.

10.  Review notes over the weekend.
    *Go through your notes for each class from the previous week.  It will help prepare you for what's to come         the following week and help you review for any upcoming tests/quizzes.

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