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MCA Testing Information

posted Apr 8, 2015, 12:02 PM by Ryan Cox   [ updated Apr 8, 2015, 12:02 PM ]
14-15 MCA Testing Information for BMS Parents/Guardians & Students

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Greetings! The Minnesota state testing is underway in our district. By May 15th, students in grades 3-8 will be assessed in the areas of reading, math, and science (grades 5 & 8 only).

Here are a few important reminders that will help your child do his/her best:
  • Make sure he/she gets plenty of rest and a good breakfast.
  • Be well-hydrated: The brain performs better when it has plenty of water. 
  • Remind your child to read through the directions on the test carefully and underline important information as they go. 
  • Remind your child to take their time. The MCA test is not a timed test. We can make arrangements for any students that need more time for completion. 
  • Remind your child to relax: MCA is just one test. It is important that every student takes it seriously and does his/her best, but they should not stress out about it. 
  • Be on time to school: Arriving when the test begins or after it has started puts the student at a disadvantage right from the start. Make sure your child arrives to school with plenty of time to get settled before the testing begins. Try to avoid scheduling appointments during MCA testing sessions. We will not be able to interrupt a testing session to call a student down to the office to leave early. If an appointment cannot be avoided, there will be an opportunity for students to make up a test. However, students will need to miss regular class time to make up a test so it is best to be in school on test days. 
  • **Cell phones and/or other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing environment.