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Math Masters

posted Mar 6, 2018, 9:36 AM by Holly Wieber
Twenty-seven students from Becker Middle School competed at the Regional Math Masters competition on Friday, March 2.    There were 31 teams with 155 individuals competing.  

Top finishers include:  Fact Drill round: Adam S. for 13th place.  Individuals: Keyden K. for 20th, Adam S. for 2nd.  
Team: Becker Team 1 - 2nd place - Members:  Adam S., Isaac W., Brayden G., Mylee M. & Nick F.
Becker Team 2 - 13th place - Members: Kellan G., Jacqueline N., Jonathan R., Lilli M. & Lucy P.
Becker Team 4 - 18th place- Caiden W., Keyden K., Kaleb F. & Avery B.
Becker Team 6 - 19th place - Jase T., Nora P., Kayla B., Henry S. & Benjamin H.
Becker Team 3 - 20th place - Mason N., Drew M., Will J. & Sawyer A.
Becker Team 5 - 23rd place - Keira P., Emilia H., Zach B. & Danyell F.

Originally, there were 68 6th grade middle school 6th grade students involved in the preparation for the school competition.  After the school competition, 30 advanced to the regional competition.  

Math Masters began a a fifth grade math competition program in 1989 with teams from 44 schools taking part.  In 1995, the competition was expanded to include sixth grade and this year there are approximately 5,500 fifth and sixth graders registered to compete.  Schools are encouraged to involve as many of their fifth and sixth grade students as possible in the use of Math Masters packets of challenge preparation materials.  A team selection test is provided to assist coaches in choosing students to represent their schools.  Math Masters is designed to promote excellence in critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities as well as provide recognition to students for academic effort and achievement.