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Congrats Ms. Feierabend!

posted Oct 26, 2017, 5:54 AM by Holly Wieber
Congratulations to Jenn Feierabend who just accepted her LEEA (Leadership for Educational Excellence) award from Resource Training & Solutions in St. Cloud.  Ms. Feierabend was selected by her peers to win the TOY (Teacher of the Year) award from her middle school peers last May, and that recipient also receives the LEEA.  For the past two years, Ms. Feierabend has been a technology integrationist and STEAM teacher, and this year she is teaching seventh grade life science.  Our school is proud to have Ms. Feierabend on our staff as someone who loves science and technology and makes wonderful connections with our students.  She serves an additional role as a DLM (Digital Learning Mentor) in our building and her expertise in all those ares is invaluable to us.  Congratulations Jenn!