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Big Winners with the Big Fish Book Challenge

posted May 23, 2019, 7:34 AM by Holly Wieber

On May 22nd, we celebrated the end of the 6th grade Big Fish Book Challenge.

All year, students have been reading books to work up through the "levels" of fish in our challenge.  Students choose their own books, and complete "book talks" to stay accountable for their pages.

700 pages- Sunfish
1500 pages- Perch
3000 pages- Walleye
4500 pages- Northern
6000+ pages- Sturgeon

The top readers (Northern and above) all earned a free book or poster, and the top readers in each class were awarded trophies.  On top of that, we were lucky enough to give away two bicycles (thanks SO much to Tom Wenner with Horace Mann!!!) to Maria M and Riley W.

How fun!