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Students of the Trimester--Distance Learning Rock Stars!

posted May 26, 2020, 8:35 AM by Holly Wieber   [ updated May 26, 2020, 8:38 AM ]

Congrats to our “Students of the Trimester” for Trimester Three at BMS!

This has been a tough  and challenging trimester, with SO many changes in the way we are learning, but the students chosen as Students of the Trimester have REALLY stepped up to the plate and SOARED during this time.  Teachers who nominated them praised these kids for their living by the 3R’s, but also noted how on top of things they were as they needed to become 100% digital learners in these last two months.

Congrats to sixth graders….

Chloe Spear

Sophia Jiang

Ashlyn Frey

Ava Messerli

Tiana Gay

Ethan Obermoller

Graham Olson

Sophia Roering

Sawyer Brown

Hunter Graftaas

Lauren Ergen

Brady Haus

Congrats to seventh graders….

Allison Barringer (chosen twice)

Elliot Ginter

Ben Duncan

Hannah Dierkes

Sara Remus

Maddy Knack

Devin Carrington

Ellie Staples

Jaden Plantenberg

Landon Jurek

Callie O’Connor

Chloe Carlson

Ian Eldred

Congrats to eighth graders….

Claire Leither

Wren Williams

Trevor Handshoe

Nora Pilarski

Hunter Stang

Allyson Young

Ella Dumonceaux

Landon Lahr

Leilyn Ketz

Hailey Deters

Alexis Rose

Olivia Babler

Brianna Dahle


posted Mar 3, 2020, 7:53 AM by Holly Wieber

Once again, our BMS teams represented us well on February 28th!

105 students, 21 teams

"Fact Drill" top placers
1st Sawyer B
2nd Nathan W
4th Chloe S
6th tie Troy N/Saul K
11th Charlotte N
12th Alex S
15th Lyla K

"Individuals" top placers
4th Evan K
7th Kurt N
8th Tiana G
10th Sawyer B
11th Charlotte N
12th Lyla K

"Top Three" teams 
1st         Place  Big Lake
2nd        Becker #4 Team
3rd         Sartell

Students of the Trimester

posted Mar 3, 2020, 7:14 AM by Holly Wieber   [ updated Mar 3, 2020, 7:21 AM ]

On Friday, February 28, our school honored 36 students with the "Student of the Trimester" award.  Students are chosen for being great examples of our "Three R's" (respect, responsibility, relationships) and being overall great kids!  Students were celebrated with a hallway parade, donuts and juice, and a celebration led by (special guest) Principal Christensen from the Primary school, Assistant Principal Aleckson, and Principal Boyer.

Students honored were Addison B, Adrian B, Johndavid H, Kayla M, Meadow G, Eric T, Jacob K, Jaiden M, Aubrey W, Alex S, Jacob H, Kate L, Makayla H, Ava D, Connor G, Ben H, Cari J, Jaimee C, Kaden R, Chloe C, Chloe S, Evan A, Samantha J, Mae E, Anthony W, Ashley M, Blake H, Bryce P, Kayla P, Quintrell R, Laila C, Thomas C, Charles D, Elijah B, Kayla B, and Keyden K.

CMDA Honor Band

posted Jan 13, 2020, 6:18 AM by Holly Wieber

Becker Middle School was so proud of our four 8th graders who represented us at the CMBDA 6th-8th grade honor band at Elk River High School on Saturday, January 11th.  Way to go Daelyn, Alana, Summer, and Helen!  You make BMS proud! 

Career Day

posted Dec 6, 2019, 7:48 AM by Holly Wieber

Becker Middle School hosted a "career day" on Tuesday, November 26 and we were honored to have a number of folks from our community come in to share information about education, career choices, and the working world.  Students rotated to four different speakers throughout the afternoon and heard from a variety of different professions from the Becker area.  We SO appreciate these people who were willing to share their time and talents with us!

For a complete story on the day, check out this wonderful article in the Becker Citizen from writer Bill Morgan.

Orientation Night!

posted Sep 24, 2019, 8:10 AM by Holly Wieber   [ updated Sep 24, 2019, 8:12 AM ]

Our first BMS orientation night on September 23rd was a great success and we appreciate that so many students and parents were able to attend with us.  Presentations were given in each of the three grade levels, as well as additional presentations with physical education & music, and technology & digital safety.

Parents were able to see how we are working with our students in class, utilizing & leveraging technology to transform learning, and making great use of Google Classroom and Skyward to communicate progress home.

Educating ALL OUR KIDS is a partnership between school & home and we were glad so many folks took time out of busy schedules to make this evening of learning a priority!

If you were unable to attend Orientation Night, all the slideshows of the presentations are available on our middle school web page.  Just scroll ALL the way down on the left hand side of the page to get to the links.

Students of the Trimester: 3

posted Jun 6, 2019, 8:21 AM by Holly Wieber

Congratulations to all our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who were selected by their advisors as "Student of the Trimester" for Trimester Three.  These students demonstrate the Three R's (respect, responsibility, and positive relationships) on a daily basis and are academic achievers as well.  We are proud to recognize them for being great all-around members of our BMS community!

6th Grade:  Garrett Lane, Andy Offerdahl, Jacob Ringwelski, William Rick, Jordan Mateyka, Ave Bichler, Ginny Shi, & Thomas Cota

7th Grade:  Paide Hennen, Connor Gass, Tristan Boe, Keyden Koecheler, Summer Peterson, Hailey Duncombe, Anna Kuklok, & Nora Pilarski

8th Grade: Ayla Brown, Jada Soltau, Grace Hilden, Nolan Murphy, Colton Schnobrich, Eddie Kronenberg, Connor Schendzielos, Lauren Winter, Kevin Vogl & Kyle Vogl

Liberty Paper Essay Contest Winners

posted May 24, 2019, 12:33 PM by Holly Wieber

On May 24th, forty-one students headed to Liberty Paper International to tour the facility, learn about Liberty's mission, enjoy pop & pizza, and see who the winners were in the Environmental Book Challenge Essay Contest.  This was an optional contest and these forty-one students rose to the challenge!

Runners up were Nolan J. and Natalie P., who were awarded $25 Target gift cards.  Grand prize winner was Noah H., who was awarded a $50 Target card.

How fun!

Thank you to Tim Swanson, Kami Garding, and ALL the wonderful folks at Liberty who take care of our sixth graders like this every year.  We are blessed!

Big Winners with the Big Fish Book Challenge

posted May 23, 2019, 7:34 AM by Holly Wieber

On May 22nd, we celebrated the end of the 6th grade Big Fish Book Challenge.

All year, students have been reading books to work up through the "levels" of fish in our challenge.  Students choose their own books, and complete "book talks" to stay accountable for their pages.

700 pages- Sunfish
1500 pages- Perch
3000 pages- Walleye
4500 pages- Northern
6000+ pages- Sturgeon

The top readers (Northern and above) all earned a free book or poster, and the top readers in each class were awarded trophies.  On top of that, we were lucky enough to give away two bicycles (thanks SO much to Tom Wenner with Horace Mann!!!) to Maria M and Riley W.

How fun!

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