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Media Center Policies

Normal hours are from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
(Subject to change without notice due to schedules, meetings, etc.)


Circulation Policies:
Library materials may be checked out for the following periods:

  Books:                                             Three weeks
  Back issues of magazines:               One week
  Current issues of magazines:           In-library only  
  Reference books:                             Overnight only
  iPad Keyboards                                One Week

Late/lost materials are subject to fines of 5 cents per day (after a two-day grace period) or the replacement cost of materials.

Keyboards also have a grace period of two days, but the fine is $1.00/day beyond that.

Technology Policies:

All student computer/iPad use in Becker Middle School must comply with the District's Acceptable Use Policy.

Students may not log in using another student's user name or password, and are instructed not to share passwords with peers.

Any attempt to subvert or bypass district security will result in termination of access.

Students should be good network "citizens" by using equipment and bandwidth responsibly and with educational intent.

If students set passcodes on school-issued iPads, the passcode must be the lunch number.