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College Life Tips

4-Year College Life- Tips for a Successful 1st Year

*You are choosing your courses and times with, sometimes, minimal guidance.  Make sure you are taking generals in the appropriate areas.  Familiarize yourself with the general education requirements at your school
*Talk to your advisor a couple times a year.  They are there to help keep you on track.  Some courses can be counted towards your generals and your major and your advisor can help you determine how to best schedule your courses and complete your degree.
*Do not take all your tough classes in one semester, spread them out.  Example:  if your toughest subjects are Math and English, try not to take those 2 subjects in the same semester.
*Attendance is not required (typically) but the more you attend class, the better off you will be.
*Remember, you are are paying for your education!

Dorm Life
*Some colleges require 1st year students to live on campus.  Some colleges have suites or apartments for upper level students.
*Whether you choose your roommate or are assigned, make sure you set ground rules with each other- lights out or quiet/study time, when can you have people over, etc.  It is a small space and you are sharing it with another person.  This can help make your year more enjoyable!
*Label your items (it's easy to mix up items or forget who brought what at the end of the year).

Campus Life
*Get out and meet people.
*Get involved in a club or activity.
*Explore the campus- get to know the following places:
    *Your Advisor's office
    *Dining hall and/or other food options
    *Fitness/exercise areas
    *Tutoring/Student Help Center