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College Applications


Most colleges encourage students to use an online application when submitting their college applications.  Some will still accept paper applications as well.

Tips to Remember
Minnesota typically sponsors a College Knowledge week or month.  Many colleges (not including the University of Minnesota system) will waive the application fee during the entire month or at least for a week of the month.  This is typically during October and the last week in October is usually when the majority of colleges waive the application fee.

Start at if applying to multiple MNSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) schools.

If applying to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and other U of MN schools, use the "Share My App" feature.  This allows students to share their completed application to additional U of MN schools for no additional cost.  Visit for more information.
    *The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities begins reviewing applications on September 15th.  Apply as soon    as possible into your Senior year!
    *The U of MN-TC- requires 4 years of Math and many programs recommend/require Calculus and/or Physics.

If you are required to enter the number of years of English, Math, Science, Social, etc., remember the following:
    .5 credit = 1/2 year
    1 credit = 1 year
    **You can always ask for help in the Counseling Office to figure it out as well!

Letters of recommendation are not typically required for public universities unless you do not meet their admission criteria (they will let you know if it would be beneficial to submit letters of recommendation).  Some private schools require teacher recommendations (some colleges have a form that should be used).

After submitting your college applications, you must request that your high school transcript be sent.  For directions, click on "Transcripts."

Students with college credits through concurrent enrollment (CIS), PSEO and/or Advanced Placement tests must send scores or grades sent to the college applying to.  Each school will issue credits according to their policy.
    *For those with concurrent enrollment (CIS) or PSEO courses, print out an unofficial transcript and send it to the schools you are applying to.
    *For those with Advanced Placement scores, submit a copy of your scores (that you received in the mail) to the schools you are applying to.