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College Life Tips

2-Year College Life- Tips for a Successful 1st Year

*If you are completing your generals and then transferring, make sure you take all the appropriate courses in the appropriate areas- talk to your advisor if necessary.
*If you are in a technical program, keep in mind that most of your classes are set for you- you don't get to choose what order, and sometimes, even the time you take the courses.
*Attendance is vital.  2-year programs have a lot of hands on and practical coursework.  If you are not there, you do not learn it.

*Most 2- year colleges do not have dorms or on-campus housing for students.
*You are responsible for securing your own housing if you are not commuting to school from your parents' home.
*Colleges may offer help in finding housing or roommates so if you have questions, contact the college.
*Set rules with your roommate(s)- cleaning, having friends over, quiet/study time, etc.
*Label your times (it is easy to get items mixed up throughout the year or forget who brought what).

Campus Life
*Get out and meet people.
*Get involved in a club or activity.
*Explore the campus- get to know the following places:
    *Your Advisor's office
    *Dining hall and/or other food options
    *Fitness/exercise areas
    *Tutoring/Student Help Center
*Get to know the city you are in