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Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips

1.  Circle/underline important words.

2.  Read ALL answer choices before selecting one.

3.  Cross out choices you know are incorrect.  This helps narrow down the choices and helps you remember which ones you eliminated if you get stuck and have to come back to the question.

4.  Look for two opposite choices.  One of the two is most likely correct.

5.  Look for hints in other test questions.

6.  Look for choices that contain language your teacher or textbook uses; the answer is most likely that choice.

7.  Do not change your answer unless you are sure another answer is correct.

8.  Choose "all of the above" if all choices are right.  Do not choose "all of the above" if even on is not correct.

9.  Choose "none of the above" if all choices are incorrect.  If even one is correct, do not choose "none of the above."

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