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October 3, 2014

The Minnesota Department of Education released the Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR) School Accountability results on October 1st. The Becker Schools scored among the top in the state.

The Becker Middle School ranked 10th in the state out of 236 middle schools placing at the 96th percentile. The Intermediate School placed at the 70th percentile and earned eligibility as a “celebration school”. The High School ranked at the 69th percentile moving up from 67th last year. Dr. Malone, The Becker School Superintendent, said “the entire school district is very proud of the outstanding performance of our students and staff members. The administration and staff will analyze the MMR results to identify specific areas for improvement. The administration and staff at the Intermediate and High Schools have the resources and ability to make significant progress on our MMR scores this year.”

The MMR measures math and reading scores for grades 3-11. The score includes several components: proficiency (points based on students and subgroups that make Adequate Yearly Progress – AYP), growth (students’ predicted to actual academic growth), achievement gap reduction (the academic growth of seven subgroups), and graduation rate.

Superintendent Malone attributed the high test scores to the work of teachers and administrators in six key areas:
  • Aligning the curriculum to state academic standards
  • Identifying essential learning outcomes 
  • Developing rigorous and common assessments 
  • Using a research-based instructional model 
  • The Response to Intervention programs
  • Leveraging the effective use of technology to improve instruction and curriculum content