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HS Program Review - FAQ

We are excited to share with you information about our new five period day trimester schedule change for the upcoming school year. The schedule is one component of the high school program vision. As we develop the structure to the school day, the other components of alternative delivery, social-emotional learning, senior year, career pathways and student engagement will be included.

Currently, the high school registration guide is being created along with a registration timeline. Because of this change, the registration process for selecting next year’s classes has been moved to March.

If you have any questions, please call the high school office or complete the online question form.

Will the high school schedule change next year?

Yes. After a year long process of looking at future trends, examining BHS data and creating a vision based upon six components (alternative delivery, scheduling, social-emotional learning, senior year, career pathways and student engagement), the high school program review team has selected the 5 period day/trimester schedule as its basic program structure. The other five components will be phased in over time.

Why is the high school changing to a trimester schedule?

Under the block system class periods are 85 minutes long. Research shows that the best class length is 65-70 minutes for students’ attention span and for effective instruction. Also, the loss of continuity of instruction caused by scheduling gaps has had a negative impact on student achievement as reflected in standardized assessments. Students who are absent from school on the block system miss the equivalent of one and one half days of instruction making it more difficult to catch up. Over the past 10 years the high school enrollment has increased by over 100 students making scheduling under the block schedule difficult.

Will class sizes change with the new schedule?

No. Class sizes will stay the same at about 30 students.

Who was on the high school program review team?

The 23 members of the high school program review team were: Sandy Logrono – Principal, Mark Kolbinger - Assistant Principal, Steve Malone – Superintendent, Nancy Helmer Weiss - MS Principal, Jean Duffy - Curriculum and Instruction, Ryan Cox - Technology Instruction, Aaron Jurek - School Board Member, Celina Gustafson – Parent, Jennifer Potter – Parent, Allyna Storms – Student, Ryan Sommerdorf – Student, Heather Eigen – Counselor, Margaret Smude – Counselor, Dan Baird - Teacher, Gretchen Bordson – Teacher, Pam Braun – Teacher, Shelly Clemen – Teacher, Max Egbert – Teacher, Judi Klosterman – Teacher, Maggie Maine - Teacher, Tina Tamm - Teacher, Craig Vogl – Teacher, Dustin Weege - Teacher.

How long will the class periods be on the new schedule?

Each class period will be between 65 and 70 minutes. The total length of the school day will not change.

How long will the grading periods be?

Each trimester will be 12 weeks in duration.

How many classes will students have each day?

Students will have 5 classes per trimester. This schedule is similar to the current schedule for middle school and 9th grade students.

Will the trimester classes work with college credit classes offered at the high school?

Yes. College In The Schools and Advanced Placement (AP) classes will continue to be offered.

Can students still participate in the PSEO program under the trimester schedule?

Yes. As is currently the case, full time PSEO students will follow their college schedule. Part time PSEO students will follow the college schedule for PSEO and the high school schedule for high school classes.

Will the amount of homework for students change under the trimester schedule?

The amount of homework for individual students varies based on class selection. This is the case with every schedule.  

Will there be any changes to the high school music schedules?

Yes. There will likely be three performances per year instead of four performances per year for high school band and choir students.

Will there be opportunities for students to accelerate in specific curriculum areas?

Each year the schedule is unique and built to accommodate student registration requests. The program committee is working through the scheduling process to meet the curricular needs of students.

Will students still have elective opportunities under the trimester?

Yes. Electives will continue to be available in every department.

Will the general school calendar change as a result of the new schedule?

No. The calendar is completed one year in advance to provide advance planning for all parties.

What will the registration timeline be for students?

Online registration will take place in March.