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Youth Art Month

posted Mar 14, 2016, 2:11 PM by Ryan Cox   [ updated Mar 14, 2016, 2:12 PM ]
Youth Art Month is recognized in schools across the nation as a way to promote and showcase the amazing creativity of our students. Throughout March, Becker art teachers will be showcasing student work online. Enjoy!

Second graders made Oil Pastel Cats in the style of the artist Laurel Burch. They began the lesson looking at artwork by Laurel Burch. The cats were then drawn twice and their favorite was chosen. Shapes, lines and designs were added to their cat. Next, they colored the cats and backgrounds in with pastels. Finally, the cats were outlined and the art was glued onto a frame color the student thought looked best with their cat. They turned out just beautiful!

First graders learned about mixing paint in this art lesson of Colorful Hearts. We put primary colors out (red, yellow and blue) and mixed them to make secondary colors. Next, they made their own heart tracer and traced 6 hearts. Black paint was used to add designs. Finally, the hearts were cut out and glued onto black paper in a creative way. I love how these turned out!

Kindergarteners made these darling owls! We began the artwork painting the background in sunset colors. A white owl was painted on after that. Next, students drew and colored big eyes, painted on a beak, feet, branches and leaves. Finally, the details were added with a fine brush and black paint. I love how they all have their own personality!


3rd grade by Shelby Whaley
Color Wheel Chameleon - In 3rd grade, students drew a chameleon and then painted it using the color wheel. In this art lesson, we talked about Primary Colors: red yellow and blue. Students used the primary colors to make Secondary Colors: orange, green and purple.

4th grade by Grace Wynia
Birch Tree Landscape - Students made birch trees using masking tape and watercolors. 4th graders learned about foreground, middle ground and background. Things in the background are small and things in the foreground are big. 
We also looked at how the Ojibwe tribe used birch trees to make amazing things like canoes and wigwams.

5th grade by Grant Studer
Oaxacan Metal Animal - In this lesson, 5th graders learned about a town in Mexico called Oaxaca. In this town they make wooden animal sculptures. These sculptures are painted unrealistic colors and have many patterns on them. Students used tooling metal and carved into the metal with a pencil to draw their animal. They added patterns inside the animal and then colored the animal with sharpies.