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iPad Rollout Coming Soon...

posted Aug 10, 2015, 9:20 AM by Ryan Cox
iPads will be available for High School students to pick up the week of August 24-28.  Parents are asked to sign up for a date and time when their child will be coming to set up their iPad and take it home with them.  

All information and links are available at iPad 1:1 Learning Program

Here you will be asked to:
  1. Review the iPad Handbook
  2. Complete the online iPad Agreement Form
  3. Select what day and time your child will be here to set up their device (limited to 50 students per session)
  4. Select an iPad Protection Option
  5. Review with your child their Apple ID (eg. 16abcxzy@isd726.org)
    **Students will not be able to set up their device without knowing their Apple ID and password.  We encourage students to verify they have this information PRIOR to arriving for iPad pickup.  Students can go to Manage My Apple ID to verify they know their account information.
If a session has reached 50 students, that session will be marked as FULL - please select another day and/or time.

**Starting this Fall - students will no longer have access to the App Store on their iPad.  Instead, students will be able to download their apps from Self-Service which will only include approved apps for student use.  Self-Service will have access to Self-Service when they set up their device.  Answers to other questions can be found iPad Program Overview and FAQs.