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8th Grade Orientation Day

posted Aug 17, 2015, 8:28 AM by Ryan Cox   [ updated Aug 17, 2015, 9:53 AM ]

8th Grade Student & Parent Orientation – 11:30 am - 7:30 pm
on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.

I am looking forward with excitement to the start of the 2015-2016 school year at Becker Middle School!  It is important that students and parents/guardians are aware that the middle school open house and orientation format has changed.  Eighth grade orientation sessions for students and parents will be held on Sept. 8th from 11:30 am -7:30 pm.  I suggest families allow approximately 90 minutes to complete the open house/orientation process.  During this time, students & parents will:

  • Meet the 8th gr. teachers

  • Attend orientation session (8th grade parents/students)

  • Bring in school supplies & obtain locker assignment

  • Have school picture taken by Lifetouch

  • Obtain Class Schedule (7th & 8th graders)

  • Finalize iPad registration process

  • Purchase PE Uniform

  • Take care of other “business” (Emergency forms, lunch accounts, busing information, instruments, immunization forms [gr. 7 only], register for fall activities)

  • Tour the building and facilities

Each middle school family will be able to register for an orientation session electronically. However, Skyward is unable to accommodate the 8th grade sign up.  (Six and 7th grade are able to sign up for conferences via Skyward).

Session 1   11:30-1:00

Session 2   12:30-2:00

Session 3   3:00-4:30

Session 4   4:00-5:30

Session 5   5:00-6:30

Session 6   6:00-7:30

As always, the middle school staff is committed to ensuring the success of our students. Thank you for your involvement, support, and partnership. We’re looking forward to a terrific year!   

Nancy Helmer Weiss, BMS Principal

BMS Phone:  763-261-6333 (Ext. 4110)

The first regular student day for grades 6-8 will be Wednesday, September 9th!!