District Survey - Fall Referendum

 Add a K-8 Gifted and Talented Teacher (G&T funding is currently used for Math Masters at the MS, writing enrichment curriculum for all students during W.I.N. at the IS, and an after school enrichment program at the PS)

Add back some summer days to the media specialists.  (The summer days were recently reduced making it difficult to have the libraries ready when school begins each fall).

Add classes to the high school. (The number of sections has been reduced in recent years increasing class sizes and reducing some electives).

Add one hour of time to media paras (Currently the media paras are assigned one hour of lunch supervision.  Consequently, the libraries are only staffed by the Media Specialists or are closed for one hour each day).

 Add some summer days to the high school and middle school counselors.  (The number of summer days have been reduced making it difficult to complete student schedules)

Add student assistance programming for mental health and academic assistance.  This would provide extended academic intervention (such as Title I) beyond 5th grade and add mental health staff the meet growing mental health needs of students in this area.

Decrease Activity Fees (Becker fees are above average in the Granite Ridge Conference and below average for area schools). Increase curriculum and supply budgets. (Budgets have been reduced in recent years resulting in fewer instructional materials and supplies being available to teachers).
Increase specialist time for grades K-8: Art, media, music and Phy Ed. (Specialist time was recently reduced by 10 minutes per day.  Also, IS phy ed was reduced from 5 to 4 days and MS phy ed from everyday to every other day.) Provide additional ELL (English Language Learner) staff.  (The ELL staff was reduced from 2 to 1 due to budget reductions.  This has made it difficult to provide for the needs of ELL students. Provide bus transportation for grades 7-12 who live under 2 miles from school. Provide school funding for unfunded activities (Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Hockey, Marching Band, Trap Team, Robotics, Danceline). 
Reinstate 5th grade band (Currently, students begin band in 6th grade  This would reduce Phy. Ed. Music, Art, Media, or academic time.) Reinstate 8th grade World Language/Cultures class for one quarter.  (This was recently replaced by one additional quarter of science in gr. 8). Reinstate position to provide middle school lunch and fieldhouse supervision (These duties were recently assigned to the middle school assistant principal. As a result, the asst. principal has less time to attend to student issues). Reinstate the High School mentorship coordinator position. (This position, which  oversees high school students mentoring at the primary and intermediate schools, was eliminated and added to the asst. high school principal duties.  As a result, the asst. principal has less time to attend to student issues.)