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Reminder of Student Pick-Up Zones for after school activities:

posted Mar 22, 2018, 11:43 AM by Jesse Oneill
In order to help facilitate a more orderly and less congested pick up for parents of students participating in after school activities, we would like to once again remind you of the correct pick up locations. These zones refer to after school activity pick up locations only and do not change drop off or pick up locations for the regular school day.

We have been using this model for the past couple of years and have found that it dramatically reduces traffic congestion for parents and students if it is followed. Parents with multiple children can choose one grade level pick up area for all their children.

Pickup Zones:
7th Grade- Door A of the field house. Parents please use Middle School parking lot.
8th Grade- Field house main entrance. Parents please use field house main parking lot.
9th Grade- PAC/GYM entrance. Parents please use front main parking lot.
10-12th Grade- Bulldog Entrance. Parents please use student parking lots near Aquatic Center.

Reminder that parents are to park in the nearest parking lots to the pick up locations as referenced on the map that is attached. Waiting and/or parking on the road curbside is not permitted.

Thank you for your cooperation!